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What Does Your Leadership and Management Library Look Like?

Leadership Books, Montreal Consulting
Stay relevant. Stay Current. Stay high-performing.

To excel at any discipline, one must seek to constantly improve and ensure their skills, knowledge and abilities remain relevant. This applies to leadership and management where we are facing a constantly  changing employee, market, and competitive landscape.  

Before 2019 gets too crazy, I suggest you:

1. Ask yourself this question, "Have I remainded current in the field of leadership and management?".  

2. Take the books that you have read in the past 3 years and line them up on a shelf in a similar fashion to the photograph attached to this post.

3. Look over the titles to get a sense of the topics covered.

4.  Ask yourself "what are the main themes?", "which ones are dated and require me to do some updating?", "what new topics must I explore?".

5.  From the exercise above, select 4 topics that you need to learn or brush up on.

6.  Find 4 books that you commit to reading this year (aim for one every 3  months) to fill in the gaps you have identified.

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