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Always tailored to your specific needs

Our goal with each client experience is to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. To do this, we must first understand your specific challenges, circumstances, and business objectives.  We provide the descriptions below as an overview of how we can work with you and your team. Once we have spoken with you and reached a clear and common understanding of your business and leadership challenges, we will recommend options on how our services can be tailored to best address your particular needs.















Focused & Dynamic Workshops & Group Facilitation

Strategic Workshops

Tailored for clients who wish to tackle strategic issues, get answers to their strategic questions, establish clear business objectives, and align and engage teams around a common goal. Delivered "on-site" or "off-site," these focused workshops can be an invaluable tool in the successful business leader's toolkit.  We can help you ensure the right conversations take place to address critical issues, help identify solutions to possible roadblocks, and galvanize the participants' common views and sense of urgency.  

Business Team

Winning at Intrapreneurship Workshops

Based on the book, Winning at Intrapreneurship, these workshops provide clients with insights on what it takes to succeed at intrapreneurship (corporate entrepreneurship). The workshop tackles our intrapreneurship success chain and the 12 labors to overcome corporate culture and achieve startup success. The sessions can be tailored to your organization's specific needs to ensure the links between idea generation, innovaiton, intrapreneurship, and lean startup (lean enterprise) are well understood and adapted to your industry and new business pursuits. 


Strategic Planning & Executive Workshops

Intended for clients who want to tackle specific issues related to the deployment of their strategic or intrapreneurship plans.  In our experience, many strategies fail because they are not translated into relevant, time-based business objectives, or due to a lack of proper planning by each major functional or line organization that is called upon to support the overall strategy.  Our workshops are ideal for cascading strategies throughout the organization and ensuring teams take ownership of the company strategy and translate it into their own support strategies, tactical plans, and deployment activities.

Giving a Presentation

Partnerships and acquisitions

Signing Contract

Often, growth strategies involve making the right acquisitions.  We can work with you throughout the acquisition lifecycle. This includes helping you: formulate or validate a solid and effective acquisition strategy, assess the impact that an acquisition will have on your core business, establish a clear set of acquisition criteria that are aligned with your overall vision and strategy, complete structured and effective integration plans, and carry out integration activities to their successful conclusion

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