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12 Labors to Overcome Corporate Culture and

Achieve Startup Success

You’ve heard how established companies such as IBM, Virgin, Boeing, Google, Apple, 3M, McKinsey,and Dupont monetize innovations by successfully launching new businesses. What separates these winners from the many that fail despite favorable market conditions? How can you ensure the profitable launch of your new business venture or innovation? The answers lie in understanding what happens inside the startup as it struggles to coexist with its parent company and fend off corporate interference long enough to succeed in the marketplace.


Whether you have adopted the lean startup methodology, a staged-gate innovation process, agile software development methods, or other means of encouraging innovation and accelerating customer adoption, to succeed at corporate entrepreneurship you must tackle the 12 labors identified in this book.


In Winning at Corporate Entrepreneurship you will accompany the intrapreneur as he works with the corporation to prepare for the launch of a new venture. You will be introduced to innovative intrapreneurial concepts such as corporate force multipliers, the market awareness warning system, controlled descent into failure, and the corporation’s lines of defence. Filled with examples from the business world, the book provides a solid framework and practical solutions the reader can implement immediately.

---------------- You will want to read this book if you are: ----------------


  • A C-suite business leader embarking on corporate entrepreneurship

  • An executive launching a new business or line of business

  • A manager called to support your company’s entrepreneurial growth strategy

  • An intrapreneur assigned to lead a corporate startup

  • An independent entrepreneur now leading within a larger corporation

  • Someone tasked with preparing your organization for intrapreneurship

Praise for "Winning at Intrapreneurship"

"Tackles some of the most difficult issues faced by companies wanting to succeed at innovation"


"Recommended for business leaders and entrepreneurs inside businesses"


"Finally! A clear roadmap on how not to fail when a major corporation wishes to expand into a new venture" 


"Read this book before you try intrapreneuship at the office"


"Required reading for any tech exec"


"Expertly points one to indentifying obstacles and clearing the road ahead"

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